our words make worlds


A central element of the Digital Mediations strand will be focused engagement with core Modern Languages stakeholder groups to develop an understanding of the attitudes and behaviours which inform their research practices and the extent to which these are (or might be) articulated using digital technology.

A series of experiments will be carried out, both simulating the way in which people currently engage digitally with Modern Languages research and exploring new innovations. This research will be largely focused on Iberian/Iberian American language content, although it will also draw on wider experiences and innovations within Modern Languages research and beyond.

These experiments will be designed to respond to the main themes that emerge from the first three work packages, and will include one or more hackathons. We will aim to engage and collaborate with other innovation partners both within academia and beyond (including the commercial world) and we hope that the relationships formed will not only lead to interesting reflections on how Modern Languages researchers can better work with and understand digital technology, but will also provoke debate on how such interactions might work in future Modern Languages research ecosystems.