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King’s Worldmaking Summer Weekend

In today’s multi-layered, fast-paced life it is easy to find ourselves feeling powerless and rendered passive in the face of an unfiltered stream of information, work across time zones, failing social networks and fragmented identities. This course, informed by the work of researchers at King’s College London and Harvard University, sees art and language as a provocative force that can disrupt the ways we have become accustomed to seeing and relating to the world. It asks participants to rethink the ways they can create and inhabit the world and encourage them to actively take ownership of their actions in the future.

The course takes place in central London at the P21 Gallery, a vibrant space that interconnects art with public life. The P21 Gallery, which specialises in contemporary Middle Eastern and Arab art and culture, was chosen as a place where contemporary artistic statements are experienced and appreciated by an artistic community.

Who is this course for?
This course is designed to empower those embarking on this journey through art and language to become self-confident agents in their own lives and in their interactions with the world.

Learning outcomes:
The participants’ own passions and interests determine the outcomes of the course. Possible examples of changing outlooks and acceptance of agency are:

• Acceptance of reality: Finding a way through alternative truths and narrow visions of reality

• Sense of ownership and agency: Through perceiving, taking ownership of the world around you

• Finding balance between the demands of an ever faster moving world and our need for slowing down

• Reconciliation: Living with online identities and your holistic self

• Empowerment: Discovering the relationship between language and power(lessness)

Teaching style:
This course gives participants permission to dedicate themselves fully, with emotion and intellect, to art, language and, through it, to their own roles in their lives. The course uses a range of genres as the basis for exploration, including texts such as poems, novels and plays; visual art such photographs, paintings, installations, film and video; plastic art and music.

Registration and payment
Fee: £150 for the one-and-a-half-day course. You can book your place on the course via the e-store. The registration deadline is 1 June 2018.

For more information please contact us.