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Faces of the Infinite

Faces of the Infinite: Neoplatonism and Poetics at the Confluence of Africa, Asia and Europe is a three-day conference convened by the British Academy and SOAS, to be held 9-11 November 2017.

The conference is intended to generate the first comparative overview of the extent to which Neoplatonist philosophy has permeated poetic forms, styles, themes and figurative language as well as poetic theory in seven principal languages of the greater Mediterranean region, from late antiquity to the modern period. Listed in alphabetical order, they are Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Spanish and Turkish. The findings are intended to result in a major publication which will shed light on the significance of Neoplatonism as a cross-cultural phenomenon which links the literary traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The second day of the conference will include a performance of Songs of Songs, a poetic triptych with voices, songs and music based on texts in Hebrew, Castilian and Persian. Song of Songs is part-funded by the Language Acts and Worldmaking Small Grants Scheme.

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