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Graduate Research Student Language Learning Survey 2017

The Graduate Research Student language learning survey is now open to all graduate research students of any discipline. 

It is often stated that the UK has a peculiar relationship to language learning, since it is sometimes assumed that knowledge of English is sufficient for global interaction. These assumptions, however, overlook two important points: firstly, that the student population of the UK is extremely linguistically diverse and, secondly, that much academic research involves contact with languages other than English.

The goal of this particular strand of research is to build up a picture of how well the language needs of research students in the UK are provided for by current availability of language learning and training. It is also to gain an insight into students' perceptions of language learning, their own experience of it, and their attitudes towards it. We also hope to find out what the relationship is, if any, between language learning and research. If, for instance, researchers had more access to language training, would this, in turn, inform the parameters of their research projects? 

Ultimately the results of this research will feed into a peer-reviewed paper on language policy, and will be analysed within the broader context of the state-of-play of language learning and language competency in the UK.

Find our more about this survey and take part here