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Global Queer Voices


"We need to hear more international work on our stages. And we trust that there are writers all over the world who are already writing really good stuff. What we want is the opportunity to hear it" - William Gregory, Global Voices Theatre associate

Global Voices Theatre works with international playwrights to share their work with UK audiences through new rehearsed readings. With the support of a Language Acts and Worldmaking Small Grant, the company put on 'Global Queer Voices' at the Arcola Theatre on 6 April 2019. 

Curated by William Gregory, the evening featured excerpts of plays never before staged in the UK, by writers from 6 different countries.

Furious Orlando by Pedro Villora (Spain)
Translated by David Drake
Directed by Elliot Jokinen

He Came to Berlin to Die by Jason Morris Danino Holt (Israel)
Directed by Guido Garcia

Will You Come with Me? by Ebru Nihan Celkan (Turkey)
Translated by Kate Ferguson
Directed by Tasmine Airey

My Dear by Olga Dimitrijević (Serbia)
Translated by Ksenija Latinović
Directed by Yuyu Wang

Talking Heads by Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile (Botswana)
Directed by Rebecca Goh

So Far by Vikrant Dhote (India)
Directed by Elliot Jokinen

For more information about Global Voices Theatre, check out their twitter page and visit their website.