our words make worlds

Presenters: Pia Resnik, Christine Schallmoser

Language Acts and Worldmaking

King’s College London, Saturday 24th November 2018


Presenters: Pia Resnik, Christine Schallmoser

Title: Enjoyment as a key to success? E-Tandem language learning in higher education  


Abstract: In this workshop, we will look at how e-Tandem language learning can be implemented successfully to complement foreign language classes in higher education. We will consider its benefits and look at its potential to foster foreign language enjoyment (FLE), which is crucial as language learning is not merely a cognitive process, it is also an emotional one. While researchers mostly focused on the role of negative emotions in the past, positive psychologists stressed that investigating the role of positive emotions in foreign language learning is equally important as they fulfil different functions. This will be done in two ways in this workshop: by presenting the findings of our ongoing project, where Austrian students of English are paired with students of German from the UK and the US and continuously given tasks to collaborate on together making use of digital media (e.g., Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp), and by giving students a voice and letting them share their experiences themselves. This way, we aim to discuss the role of the social dimension of FLE in making progress as a foreign language learner, but also hope to demonstrate how important it is for teachers to enhance students’ positive emotions as they too can affect the learning process.