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Digital Mediations

Digital Mediations explored interactions and tensions between digital culture and Modern Languages (ML) research. We examined how digitally mediated culture, whether emerging as born digital artefacts or digitised remediations of pre-digital objects, is transforming ML research.

Our research included several landscape reports and experimental initiatives carried out to explore how digital pedagogies, tools and research methods are (or should be) embedded in current Modern Languages practice, and what implications this has for future policy in the field. It has aimed to contribute to wider debates about the nature and significance of digital mediations involving Modern Languages and Cultures, and to assess the critical competences required to negotiate them effectively. We have studied the interactions between digital culture and language education in both directions – both the role digital culture and technology play in transforming Modern Languages research and learning, and the role the Modern Languages has in helping us to better understand digital culture, whose global and multilingual nature is often marginalised and under-researched.

Digital Mediations Team