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Languages in service around the world: BBC Panel

In this panel discussion, BBC broadcasters will discuss the complexities of language use in international broadcasting, and how different language services offered by the BBC World Service have influenced the languages in which they broadcast. We will discuss the complex and fascinating interplay between broadcast language and everyday use, posing questions about the ways in which languages change as they travel through global perspectives. Discussion will move across languages, geographies, broadcast genres and time, to encompass the intricacies and power of language in its service around the world.

Mick Delap, former Commissioning Editor for World Service English
Bilkisu Labaran, Editor, BBC Pidgin
Rebecca Stratford, Editor, World Service Arts and Events

This panel is part of a series of events entitled Worldmaking. Languages in service around the world presented by Language Acts and Worldmaking as part of the Arts & Humanities Festival 2017, King's College London.

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