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May 2018 Call

In May 2018 Language Acts and Worldmaking issued its third call for Small Grants proposals. To align with the first Language Acts conference, the theme was 'Languages Memory'. The project asked for proposals addressing the topics:

  • Worldmaking and languages
  • History legacy and future of UK, EU and international languages policies and comparative perspectives
  • Language ideologies and pedagogies
  • Languages in moments of crisis
  • New ecologies of memory
  • Digital methods and memory practices in relation to Modern Languages
  • Technologies of language learning across time
  • Languages and coloniality; the postcolonial and the transnational
  • Languages and the archive; mnemonics and memory palaces
  • Lost languages, linguicide and future languages
  • Remembering language as play
  • Diasporic communities and language memory

Applications for workshops, conferences, public events, or other projects that resonated with theme of Languages Memory were welcomed.