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Polyglot Workshop at Tate Exchange

How can languages professionals address the languages crisis? Join organiser Dr Tita Beavan, polyglots and artists in an interactive workshop at Tate Exchange Who Are We? exhibition, Wednesday 22 May 2019 4pm-5.30pm, Tate Modern, Level 5, Blavatnik Building, Bankside, London, SE1 9TG.

Language learning seems to be in crisis in the UK. And yet there are plenty of language superlearners and a thriving polyglot community, as well as many community languages spoken across the country. Tita Beaven, Senior Lecturer in Spanish at The Open University, is bringing language teachers from schools, FE and HE, and polyglots Richard Simcott, Lindsay Williams and Olly Richards into a workshop with live artists Natasha Davis and poet Laila Sumpton to explore why there is a disconnect between the decline in languages at schools and universities and the enthusiasm and dedication of polyglots. If being plurilingual changes how you see yourself and the world, how can we inspire more people to learn more languages?

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