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CASA 2019

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Launched in 2007, CASA is an arts organisation and festival which promotes cultural exchange between Latin America and the UK, by programming work made by artists based in Latin America, as well as those of Latin American heritage based in the UK. CASA has a multi-disciplinary focus, staging theatre, dance, music and film that might otherwise be unseen by UK audiences.

In July 2019, Language Acts and Worldmaking supported CASA to make its international festival productions more accessible, paying translators, formatting and operating subtitles, and hiring projectors. VACA35, the world-renowed Mexican theatre company, presented The Only Thing a Great Actress Needs is a Great Play and the Desire to Succeed (devised by VACA35, translated by Daniel Goldman). This multi-award-winning take on Genet's The Maids is a revelatory piece that shines a piercing light on marginalisation and those who live in poverty with no hope of escaping their circumstances. Through an evocative and sensory environment performers and the audience coexist in a collective, tangible experience that challenges people to consider those people who are left behind. The play was a highlight of the festival receiving critical acclaim and sold out performances.