our words make worlds

Our Team

Travelling Concepts

Julian Weiss (Strand Lead, King's College London)
AbdoolKarim Vakil (Strand Lead, KCL)
Rachel Scott (Post-Doctoral Researcher, KCL)
Yuval Evri (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, KCL)

Translation Acts

Catherine Boyle (Primary Investigator, and Strand Lead, King's College London)
Sophie Stevens (Post-Doctoral Researcher, KCL)

Mary Ann Vargas (PhD Student, KCL)

Ella Dunne (PhD Student, KCL)

Digital Mediations

Paul Spence (Strand Lead, King's College London)

Renata Brandao (Post-Doctoral Researcher, KCL)

Loaded Meanings

Chris Pountain (Strand Lead, Queen Mary University of London)

Bozena Wislocka Breit (Post-Doctoral Researcher, QMUL)

Isabel García Ortiz (PhD Student, QMUL)
Rocío Díaz Bravo (Visiting Research Associate, King's College London)

Diasporic Identities and the Politics of Language Teaching

Inma Álvarez (Strand Lead, Open University)
Mara Fuertes Gutiérrez (Strand Lead, OU)

Carlos Montoro (Post-Doctoral Researcher, OU)

Isabel Cobo Palacios (PhD Student, OU)
Donata Puntil (Modern Language Centre, KCL)

Language Transitions

Debra Kelly 

(Deputy Director, and Strand Lead, University of Westminster)

Ana de Medeiros (Strand Lead, King's College London)

Alice Hazard (Post-Doctoral Researcher, KCL)