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Carlos Montoro

Diasporic Identities Post-Doctoral Researcher

Carlos is the Postdoctoral Research Assistant for the Diasporic Identities strand. He holds a Bachelor’s in English Philology from the University of Barcelona, a Master’s in Applied Linguistics from Lancaster University and a Doctorate in Education from the Open University. Previously, he has worked as a language teacher and researcher in Spain, France, the UK, Belize and Mexico.

Being a member of the Spanish diaspora himself, he fits in the strand personally, professionally and academically. His Applied Linguistics background has served several studies and projects in Educational Technology and Organisational Learning. He is aiming to contribute his experience using sociocultural theory, activity theory and the Change Laboratory method to provide a systemic and developmental perspective to the strand and the project, especially by focusing on the politics of language teaching at play where academia, industry and institutions intertwine.