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Safety Nets Re-imagined: Domestic Abuse and Migrant Communities


In the context of domestic abuse, what does a safety net mean? What role do language and culture play in support and how might we create culturally responsive services to meet the needs of migrant victims? The University of Suffolk's Domestic Abuse Research Network (DARNet), led by Dr Olumide Adisa, launched in 2019. The programme of activities in its first year included an evening of talks and discussion at the University, on 5 November 2019, 5.30-9.30pm, all about language and the needs of migrant survivors. Organised by Olumide and co-produced with migrant women, the event used different art forms to examine migrant women's journeys to safety based on accounts from victims/survivors and professionals.

Read the press release about the event here.

For more about the Domestic Abuse Research Network (DARNet), read its annual report, and see its webpage.