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Innoconf '17


In June 2017 the School of Languages and Applied Linguistics at the Open University hosted the 7th annual conference in the Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University series. Innoconf '17 welcomed professionals involved in the teaching and learning of Languages to share their expertise on current and forthcoming trends. The conference followed on from great successes in Newcastle (2011), Bristol (2012), Manchester (2013), Leeds (2014), Nottingham (2015), and York (2016). The year’s theme was 'Integrating informal learning into formal language education' and the aim was to engage in productive collaboration that will enable language professionals to further equip students to succeed in our ever-growing landscape of formal and informal learning. Given the unprecedented amount of online resources and communities available to language learners, this one-day conference aimed to explore how language teachers are integrating these opportunities into their settings.

The conference proceedings, edited by Fernando Rosell-Aguilar, Tita Beaven, and Mara Fuertes Gutiérrez, have been published as Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University: Integrating Informal Learning into Formal Language Education (Research-publishing.net, 2018) and an open access ebook is also available.

Innovative Language Teaching book

Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University (2018)