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Language and Emotion: from Research to Practice


This workshop, organized by Dr Ingrid Medby and Dr Sally Holloway and taking place at Oxford Brookes University on 1 March 2019, centres on the intersections of language and emotion in academic practice. It aims to bring together scholars from across disciplines to discuss both how language and language-practices feature as themes in our research on emotion, and how language and language-practices influence everyday work by researchers and teachers of emotion in Higher Education. 

The date will involve keynote lectures by

  • Historian Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith (Queen Mary University of London), author of The Book of Human Emotions (2015)
  • Translator and interpreter Dr Severine Hubscher-Davidson (Open University), author of Translation and Emotion: A Psychological Perspective (2017)

Please note that other participants will not present papers, but are asked to contribute to discussions around the above broad questions by drawing on their own research/teaching experience. For more information, please see the call for participation.