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Boosting Students’ Positive Emotions about Language Learning

This online workshop, organised by Pia Resnik (University College Of Teacher Education, Vienna/Krems) and Christine Schallmoser (King's College London, is aimed at teachers and students at both secondary and tertiary level. It seeks to contribute to our understanding of the crucial role emotions play in the foreign language classroom and to find ways in which interest in language learning can be raised. To this end, the workshop contributions will focus on positive emotions in language learning, the relevance of teacher happiness, students’ and teachers’ views on links between emotions and learning modern languages in the UK as well as mentoring as a way to instil positive emotions about language learning. Crucially, the workshop will provide a platform to exchange experiences, learn from each other and explore possibilities to implement research findings in classroom situations, all in dialogue with educators, students and researchers.

The workshop is free; if you wish to attend, please sign up here by 5 December as there is limited availability. You will be contacted with instructions on how to access the workshop prior to 12 December.


9:45am GMT: Event open - time to join us online

10:00-10:15: Welcome and Opening of Workshop

10:15-11:15: TALK & WORKSHOP: Liana Pavelescu (South Thames College, UK): Zooming in on positive emotions in foreign language learning and teaching

11:15-11:45: TALK: Sharona Moskowitz (Birkbeck College, UK): Is teacher happiness contagious? A study of the link between perceptions of language teacher happiness and student attitudes

11:45-12:45: Lunch break, mingling and networking

12:45-13:45: TALK & WORKSHOP: Pia Resnik (University College of Teacher Education, Vienna/Krems, Austria) & Christine Schallmoser (King’s College London, UK): "It's pretty, pretty much crisis point." Discussing and developing ways to increase students’ interest in MFLs in the UK

13:45-14:45: TALK & WORKSHOP: Lucy Jenkins (University of Cardiff): Mentoring: inspiring our young learners to love languages

14:45-15:15: Closing of Workshop, mingling and networking

Download full programme details here. All welcome!


This workshop is supported by the Language Acts and Worldmaking Small Grants scheme. Please contact the organisers with any questions: pia.resnik@kphvie.ac.at ; christine.schallmoser@kcl.ac.uk.