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Exploratory Practice for Continuing Professional Development

Exploratory Practice for Continuing Professional Development is part of the Language Acts and Worldmaking project under the Diasporic Identities research strand. This three hour workshop will be run by Dr Assia Rolls and language teachers from Regent’s University and will focus on Exploratory Practice. Dr Rolls is the Head of Research and Professional Development at Regent’s University and Project Lead of the Language Teacher Research (2014-2016). This workshop will be aimed at MFL teachers.

Exploratory Practice (EP). EP is a form of practitioner research designed in the 1990s to empower teachers and their learners to develop a better understanding of their classroom practice. 

2.00-2.30 Welcome and introduction: Inma/ Dr Assia Rolls to introduce the theoretical and principled framework of EP.

2.30-3.00. Regent’s language teachers describe their EP research from a poster.

3.00-3.45. Coffee break and opportunity to ask questions to the presenters about how, what and why the presenters have engaged with exploring the puzzles that they have just presented. Participants start thinking about their own puzzles.

3.45-4.30. Participants to discuss ideas about their own puzzles.

4.30-5.00. Plenary for comments, questions and possible ways of taking this event forward.