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Language and Violence: Literary Mediations in the Age of the Anthropocene

An international conference exploring the way in which violence appears to have impregnated contemporary literary discourse. The destruction of the environment, animal cruelty, social and gender brutality, amongst others, are some of the most obscene manifestations of human violence. This conference aims to identify the discursive codes that perpetuate violence through notions of subalternity, oppression, hegemonic power and class struggle.

We are interested in proposals that bear witness to how discourse on violence is experienced through the most diverse literary practices. With this idea in mind, we invite all those who wish to participate to send their proposals for 20-minute papers, exploring the questions presented here, with an abstract of no more than 250 words to malonsoalonso@uvigo.es before Sunday 15 September 2019. Papers are welcome in either English, Spanish, Galician or Portuguese. Notification of outcomes will be announced by the end of September. Please include title, name, institution and email. 

Among other possible avenues of research, the following are suggested: 

- Animal Studies 

- Refugee literature 

- Ecocriticism 

- Crime fiction 

- Social exclusion 

- Language and worldmaking 

- Gender Studies 

- Globalisation 

- Diasporic identities 

- Environmental humanities

Registration will open in the autumn. For further information, including the full cfp in Galician, English and Spanish, see the conference website.

In partnership with the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. Supported by a Language Acts and Worldmaking Small Grant.