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Mothertongue Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to uncover and to articulate the competencies and skills developed, studying for a degree in Modern Languages, which relate to the world, to work and to personal and professional relationships.

We will take, as a starting point, composite and anonymised case material from the work of Mothertongue multi-ethnic counselling service. You will explore your reactions, responses and suggested interventions, drawing on the knowledge you have gained through studying for a degree in Modern Languages.

You will then be presented with findings from current research on multilingualism, the self, identity, migration and trauma. We will next consider the ways in which Mothertongue might work with the composite case we have just studied.

A further case will be presented, using dramatic techniques, which explores the potential clashes between values across cultures, with examples drawn from child-rearing practices and the obligations of the state.

You will then be asked to reflect on and to list the skills, competencies and knowledge which you have drawn upon in this session.

You will, to conclude, have the opportunity to think about how you would frame and present this list in a way that can help others, including employers, to understand and to appreciate what you can do and what you can offer them.

This workshop is organised in partnership with Mothertongue. Mothertongue is a culturally sensitive, professional counselling and listening service where people are heard with respect in their chosen language. The charity offers holistic support to people and professional development to staff and volunteers from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities.