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Online Skills for Modern Language Practitioners

This two-day workshop will provide an opportunity to try out online tools that can support the learning and teaching of languages in different contexts and how we can research this. This workshop will be aimed at MFL teachers.

The workshop will be highly interactive. After a short presentation focusing on research, all participants will contribute and work in small groups to discuss best practice in teaching, learning and action research, try out a selection of online tools and deepen their understanding of integrating online elements into face-to-face language classes. An interactive online repository will be used to introduce pedagogically valuable tools for language teaching.

There will be also a pre-workshop online and offline preparation tasks and post-workshop online follow-up activities.

Before the workshop participants will be invited to fill in an online survey to answer some questions on teaching practice, use of technology, and attitudes. Applicants will need to enrol in a Moodle workspace to familiarise themselves with some of the workshop tasks, and prepare two activities to bring to the face-to-face workshop in January 2018.

Follow-up tasks will consist of reflections, evaluation, participating in a follow-up survey, and contributing own activities and recommendations.

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