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The Songs of Songs: Solomon, Rūmī, and St. John of the Cross

This is a poetic triptych with voices, songs and music based on: The Song of Songs attributed to King Solomon in the Bible (Old Testament), The Spiritual Canticles of St. John of the Cross (1542-1591) and The Odes on Mystical Love by the Persian poet Rūmī (1207-1273). It presents three “dialogues” from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim (Sufi) traditions. Their common subject matterlove as a universal language, the pains of exile and separation, the quest for the Holy Beloved and the hoped for elation of a final unionreaches far beyond religious and cultural divides. Together with the original music score composed by Renaud Garcia-Fons, which combines sounds from the East and the West, the voices of the narrators, Leili Anvar (The female Beloved) and Frédéric Ferney (The male Beloved), intertwine with that of Solea Garcia-Fons (The Choir) who sings the poems in the original languages: Hebrew, Castilian and Persian.

Song of Songs is part-funded by the Language Acts and Worldmaking Small Grants Scheme. 

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