our words make worlds

Summer School

This course, part of the King's College London Summer School for secondary school students who are in their two final years of study, explores how words have the power to shape the way we see the world.

Led by the Language Acts and Worldmaking postdoctoral researchers, students investigate how words shape the way we engage with other people and other times, and construct collective and individual identities. Through social media, global news and the arts we are in constant contact with many different people, cultures and ideas. How do we process all this information? What is filtered out and why? What are the untold stories? Whose voice is not being heard? Students develop a critical understanding of culture and language, and apply digital and analytical methods to explore new ideas and find their creative and critical voice.

For further information on the course, including a draft timetable, see here. For further information about the Summer School, including fees, accommodation and booking details, see here and here. To participate students must be aged 16 as of 1 September 2019.

Part of the Language Acts and Worldmaking Worldmaking Fair.