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Multilingualism and Language Learning: Linguistic practices and attitudes of university students learning languages in Europe and beyond

This research project forms part of a large–scale research initiative ‘Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community’, an AHRC-Funded OWRI Programme, based at the University of Manchester. 

Multilingualism and language learning in the 21st century survey

The increasing voluntary and forced mobility of people resulting from globalisation and political instabilities in various regions are having a dramatic impact on the linguistic make up of many nation-states. New forms of linguistic diversity and multilingualism are emerging, involving different linguistic practices.

The project consists of a team of university researchers from SOAS and other universities across the world investigating the intersection between multilingualism, language learning and higher education. By answering this short online survey you can to tell us about your knowledge and use of languages, your attitudes towards multilingualism and the languages you want to learn. You can help the understanding how your language background may impact on your study of languages.

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