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Language Acts and Worldmaking Debates: Gender Action

This term the Language Acts Debates series welcomes Peter Main (Head of Physics dept, KCL), Beth Bramley (gender Balance Manager, IoP) and Sandra Takei (PhD researcher, KCL) who will present the newly launched Gender Action awards and their work in the area of gender and subject choices for students (from pre-school to A-levels). The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer session.

Gender Action is an award programme which promotes and supports a whole-school approach to challenging stereotypes. Tiered progression levels put gender equality at the heart of policy and practice, recognising those striving to ensure there are no limits on young people reaching their potential. The programme has been developed by the Institute of Physics (IoP), King’s College London (KCL), UCL Institute of Education (IoE) and the University Council of Modern Languages (UCML). 

“Gender Action is a unique opportunity for King’s, our partners, and universities across London to work with local schools to tackle the gender stereotypes that too often limit young people’s horizons and prevent them from pursuing careers that might be perceived as unexpected or out of the ordinary. Young people should never be discouraged from choosing one subject over another because of their gender and I hope that this important new campaign inspires a new generation of physicists, engineers, playwrights and linguists who might otherwise have turned their back on the subjects they enjoy and are passionate about” – Baroness Deborah Bull, Vice-President and Vice-Principal, KCL

Join us to discuss issues concerning gender and subject choice in ML and other subjects. For more information on Gender Action Award see https://www.genderaction.co.uk/.

Guest speakers: 

Prof Peter Main Head of Physics dept, KCL 

Beth Bramley Gender Balance Manager, IoP 

Sandra Takei PhD researcher, KCL 


Ana de Medeiros, Director, Modern Language Centre, KCL 

A drinks reception will take place from 7:15–7.45pm.

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