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Language Acts and Worldmaking Debates: Linguistics in MFL A-Levels Project

Our final Debate in this year’s Series welcomes Jonathan Kasstan (Westminster), Alice Corr (Birmingham), Anna Havinga (Bristol) and Michelle Sheehan (Anglia Ruskin) to discuss the Linguistics in Modern Foreign Language A-Levels project.

The 'Linguistics in Modern Foreign Languages' (or MFL) project assesses the potential for the inclusion of linguistic topics in the Further Education MFL curriculum. Current syllabi make a sharp distinction between language and content, the latter referring to literature, film, history and culture. This differs from many university courses in which linguistic content is fundamental. The project engages students with linguistics and deepen their interests in language, including its historical, cultural and social reflexes. It is interested not only in how stimulating and relevant the pupils find these topics, but also in what effect this exposure has on their language attitudes and their confidence levels with speaking/writing another language. 

The project is concerned principally with taking action to address approaches to MFL teaching and learning. The ultimate aim of this project is to drive stronger uptake and results in MFL study, and to enthuse and better prepare candidates for entry into MFL at university by bringing about a change in the curriculum. 

Guest speakers:

Jonathan Kasstan (Westminster)

Alice Corr (Birmingham)

Anna Havinga (Bristol)

Michelle Sheehan (Anglia Ruskin)


Debra Kelly, University of Westminster

A drinks reception will take place from 7:15–7.45pm.

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Part of the Language Acts and Worldmaking Worldmaking Fair.