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Out of the Wings Forum: Worldmaking on Stage and the Work of Theatre Translation Beyond the Stage

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Out of the Wings is once again coming together with Language Acts and Worldmaking and Translation Studies@Goldsmiths, University of London, to offer a one-day discussion forum aimed at practitioners and researchers. Taking place on the opening day of the Out of the Wings Festival, 30 July-3 August 2019, the forum sets the scene for a week of play readings from Latin America, Portugal, and Spain, presented in English translation every evening at Omnibus Theatre. At the forum, we will bring together practitioners and researchers - actors, directors, producers, literary managers, commissioning editors, dramaturges, writers, translators, research students, theatre translation trainers, theatre translation lecturers, and academics - to engage with ideas on staging, teaching, and researching translated theatre. Panels of presenters will focus on broad themes of creativity in theatre translation practice and translation pedagogy. Informal networking sessions will support interaction between participants and presenters and encourage new partnerships.


0930-1000: Registration and refreshments

1000-1015: Welcome from organisers

1015-1200: Panel 1: Innovative Worldmaking: Creating new spaces, approaches and collaborations, chaired by Dr Tom Boll, Lecturer in Literary Translation, University of East Anglia 

1. Maria Sidiropoulou, University of Athens - Im/politeness on the Greek stage 

2. Andy Long, Queen’s University Belfast - The importance of being collaborative 

3. Trine Garrett, Artistic Director, Foreign Affairs Theatre Company - Making theatre in basements, empty shop fronts and derelict buildings: lessons learned bringing translated theatre to unconventional spaces

4. Riocárd Ó hOddail/Richard Huddleson, Queen Mary University - Ag aistriú sa reilig: Theatre translation as a means for addressing the queer past

5. Lora Krasteva, Artistic Director, Global Voices Theatre - Creating spaces for sharing translations in the form or readings and performances:  The example of Global Voices Theatre

1200-1300: Buffet lunch, refreshments, and networking

1300-1430: Panel 2: Worldmaking and the Classroom: Advocating creativity in translation teaching, chaired by Professor Catherine Boyle, Language Acts and Worldmaking, King’s College London

1. Gabriele Salciute Civiliene, King’s College London - Translation as a theatre of the mind

2. Joseph Prestwich, King’s College London - A space for experimentation: Collaborative translation and drama schools 

3. Enza de Francisci, University of Glasgow - Theatre translation in Scotland and China: Pirandello’s Liolà at the National Theatre (London) 

4. Sandra Kingery, Lycoming College - Translating theatre with language students

1430-1500: Refreshments and networking

1500-1630: Professionalising Theatre Translation: Where are we now? Interactive session facilitated by the Society of Authors, Out of the Wings, Language Acts and Worldmaking and Translation Studies@Goldsmiths

1630-1800: Panel 3: Worldmaking on Stage: Identity and Performance

1. Roksana Niewadzisz, University College Cork - Stranded between words and worlds: A performative exploration of theatre, translation and the limits of understanding

 2. Monica Maffía, Universidad del Salvador - Total Sex, the intersection of language, diversity and performance 

 3. Rita Sebestyén, Artistic Director at Otherness Project and Guest Lecturer at Károli University of the Reformed Church, Hungary - The multilingual performance as a lingua franca 

4. Rosalie Purvis, Cornell University - Intimate Acts of Translation: The Magical Compass

1800: Close from organisers and adjournment to evening performance of Cassandra, Sandra, by Gabriela Aguilera and translated by William Gregory, at the Omnibus Theatre (1 Clapham Common Northside, SW4 0QW)

Tickets for the Forum start at £9.00 and can be purchased online, at the King’s eStore
Tickets can be purchased online at the door, subject to availability. Please note that there will be no facility for taking cash payments.

Part of the Language Acts and Worldmaking Worldmaking Fair.