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  1. PhD Forum: Worldmaking in Process

  2. Worldmaking and Imagination

  3. Barrio

  4. Interview: Art, Activism, Digital Technologies and University Collaborations

  5. Making New Worlds from Old: The Translation and Transference of Ancient Mythology into Contemporary Hispanic Theatre (and Beyond)

  6. Performance, Props, and Platforms: Translation Acts at the American Literary Translators Association Conference, November 2018

  7. Why create a new module Art and Activism in the Digital Age?

  8. Crossing boundaries of language, place and form with Borderline and PSYCHEdelight

  9. Languages Memory, Languages Now and Languages Future

  10. Barrio (II): a Celebration for the People

  11. From Madrid to London, via Minnesota: An American Life and Triangular, Transatlantic Translation

  12. Curriculum Innovation research: student podcasting

  13. Silence Is Not an Option: On why the language we use to talk about violence against women really matters

  14. Languages at Times of Crisis: The Translator's Toolkit


  1. Debate 2: Inclusive Pedagogy

  2. Worldmaking on Stage: Theatre Translation Research as Practice

    As part of the 2018 Out of the Wings Festival, Out of the Wings is coming together with the Language Acts and Worldmaking project, and Goldsmiths, University of London to offer a one-day discussion forum aimed at practitioners of theatre and theatre translation and academic researchers working on theatre and translation studies.

  3. Against the National Grain: Maktoob and the Arabic-Hebrew Bi-national and Bilingual Team Translation Model

  4. Art and Activism in the Digital Age

  5. Creative Translation Day for Schools

  6. Language Acts and Worldmaking Language Debates Series

  7. A Workshop for Translators and Interpreters: Languages at Times of Crisis

    A two-day workshop for translators and interpreters which will use drama techniques and artistic practice to enable participants to explore and reflect upon aspects of their experience of working with languages in society today.

  8. Worldmaking on Stage: Interactive Theatre Workshop

    In this interactive theatre workshop, participants will explore the many ways in which we communicate across different languages, as well as within a shared language.

  9. Barrio

  10. Out of the Wings Festival 2021

  11. Languages Future Conference

  12. Out of the Wings Forum: Worldmaking on Stage and the Work of Theatre Translation Beyond the Stage

  13. Empowering Latin American Women

  14. Making New Worlds from Old: The Translation and Transference of Ancient Mythology into Contemporary Hispanic Theatre (and Beyond)

    This afternoon and evening event addresses this practice in today’s Hispanic theatrical tradition, examining the manner in which writers from the Spanish-speaking world readapt tales from the Biblical and ancient worlds for their respective audiences.

  15. Debate 1: Language Acts and Worldmaking Research. Back to the Debates

  16. Barrio (II)

  17. Out of the Wings Festival

    The Out of The Wings annual festival returns to London on 2nd-6th with a fantastic programme of rehearsed play readings, workshops and a one-day forum celebrating theatre in translation.


  1. Impact on Curriculum Innovation

    The Language Acts and Worldmaking team have received four King’s Curriculum Innovation Awards to develop new interdisciplinary and service modules for undergraduate students.

  2. Out of the Wings Forum Cfp

    The call for the forthcoming forum for researchers and practitioners, 'Worldmaking on Stage and the Work of Theatre Translation Beyond the Stage', taking place 30 July 2019 at King's College London, is now closed.

  3. Languages Future Conference CfP

    Language Acts and Worldmaking is pleased to announce its next conference 'Languages Future' will take place Monday 27 - Tuesday 28 April 2020 at King's College London. The CfP deadline is 20 December 2019.

  4. Languages Future Conference

    Language Acts is excited to announce its conference Languages Future, featuring special guest speaker David Crystal

  5. Catherine Boyle AHGBI President-Elect statement on Modern Languages

  6. Languages Future Registration Now Open

  7. Call for Papers: Conference on UK Spoken-Word Poetries Since 1965


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