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Worldmaking on Stage: Interactive Theatre Workshop

Drama Workshop

In this interactive theatre workshop, participants will explore the many ways in which we communicate across different languages, as well as within a shared language. Working with performance and translation professionals, participants will explore key questions such as: What is communication? How do we confront the unknown and listen? What are the acts of translation that we perform within the same language? This theatre workshop is arranged in collaboration with PsycheDelight (www.psychedelight.org/) a social theatre company that provides drama workshops as a place of expression and integration.

This workshop is part of a series of events entitled Worldmaking. Languages in service around the world presented by Language Acts and Worldmaking as part of the Arts & Humanities Festival 2017, King's College London. The workshop was inspired and arranged via our collaboration with the Migration Museum (www.migrationmuseum.org).

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Please note: Participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement.