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  1. A Question of Language (Português)

  2. Digital Culture and Re-thinking Modern Languages

  3. Curriculum Innovation research: student podcasting

  4. A Web of Many Voices (English)

  5. Introducing the first ‘Digital Mediations’ workshop

  6. Digital Mediations Survey

  7. Critical digital literacies in modern languages …or… a critical take on digital modern language learning?

  8. Languages Memory, Languages Now and Languages Future

  9. Critical and intercultural multimodal digital literacies: what can you mean and to whom?

  10. 2018 in review (Digital Mediations)

  11. A Question of Language (English)

  12. PhD Forum: Worldmaking in Process

  13. Interview: Art, Activism, Digital Technologies and University Collaborations

  14. A Community Reborn: Archiving the London French Web

  15. Inclusivity in digital research projects (Español)

  16. Why create a new module Art and Activism in the Digital Age?

  17. A language embedded in another. Markup with TEI. (Español)

  18. Gamified Language Learning: A Treasure Hunt

  19. Inclusivity in digital research projects (English)

  20. ‘Translating Cultures’ and the Digital

  21. Digital Cultures and Modern Languages: Can We Talk of ‘Digital Cultural Histories’?

  22. Day of Digital Humanities - Part 2

  23. Day of Digital Humanities - Part 1

  24. A Web of Many Voices (Español)

  25. Modern Language Research in the frontier of digital culture (English)

  26. Modern Language Research in the frontier of digital culture (Português)

  27. A language embedded in another. Markup with TEI. (English)

  28. Wattpad and the future of Modern Languages research (Español)

  29. Modern Languages Research and Digital Cultures: Indigenising the Internet

  30. Wattpad and the future of Modern Languages research (English)

  31. Listening between languages: Digital Approaches to Sound


  1. Mapping Multilingualism and Digital Culture

    This workshop aims to critically examine the current state of Modern Languages research which is somehow digitally mediated.

  2. Digital Modern Languages (Virtual) Seminar

  3. Digital Modern Languages Seminar

  4. Disrupting Digital Monolingualism

  5. Digital Modern Languages Tutorial Writing Sprint

  6. Debate 2: Inclusive Pedagogy

  7. Humanities for Arabic Book History: First Work on Models by the KITAB Project

  8. Help! Sharing Good Primary Practice for Remote Learning: Ideas in Modern Languages

  9. Art and Activism in the Digital Age

  10. Critical Digital Pedagogies for Modern Languages in Higher Education

  11. Language Acts and Worldmaking Language Debates Series

  12. Digital Modern Languages Seminar

  13. Digital Modern Languages: Post-Pandemic Reflections and Future Directions for Language Learning in Secondary Schools in the UK

  14. Languages Future Conference

  15. Empowering Latin American Women

  16. Digital Modern Languages (Virtual) Seminar

  17. Debate 1: Language Acts and Worldmaking Research. Back to the Debates

  18. Mobilizing New Digital Worlds: The Stakes of Postcolonial Digital Humanities


  1. New report 'Attitudes towards digital culture and technology in the Modern Languages' published

  2. Cfp for tutorial writing sprint on critical use of digital tools & methods in ML

    We have released a call for proposals for a ‘Digital Modern Languages tutorial writing sprint’, which aims to bring together language teachers, modern languages researchers and digital practitioners to create a collaborative Open Educational Resource.

  3. Impact on Curriculum Innovation

    The Language Acts and Worldmaking team have received four King’s Curriculum Innovation Awards to develop new interdisciplinary and service modules for undergraduate students.

  4. Languages Future Conference CfP

    Language Acts and Worldmaking is pleased to announce its next conference 'Languages Future' will take place Monday 27 - Tuesday 28 April 2020 at King's College London. The CfP deadline is 20 December 2019.

  5. Languages Future Conference

    Language Acts is excited to announce its conference Languages Future, featuring special guest speaker David Crystal

  6. Disrupting Digital Monolingualism CfP

  7. New Special collection published: Critical Digital Pedagogies in Modern Languages

  8. Languages Future Registration Now Open

  9. Final Digital Mediations report published

  10. Call for Papers: Conference on UK Spoken-Word Poetries Since 1965


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