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Digital Mediations Presentations

Conference: Territorios digitales (Digital territories) | University of Granada, Spain | 29 June 2017
Paul Spence | Keynote: Mapeando las interacciones entre el multilingüismo y la cultura digital (Mapping interactions between multilingualism and digital culture)
Seminar: Filología y Humanidades Digitales (Philology and digital humanities) | IIFL, UNAM, Mexico city, Mexico | 6 Feb 2018
Paul Spence | Las lenguas modernas, las humanidades digitales y discursos de “disrupción
Workshop: Humanidades Digitales y Filología | University of Cantabria, Spain | 23 March 2018
Paul Spence | Filología y lenguas modernas ante los giros digitales
Conference: Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland | University of Leeds | 26 March 2018
Paul Spence & Renata Brandão | Critical digital literacies in the modern languages
Symposium: Multilingual Digital Authorship | Lancaster University | 8-9 March 2018
Paul Spence | Roundtable: Languages and the digital space
Seminar: Conflict and change | University of St Andrews | 26 April 2018
Paul Spence | Digital transformations in Modern Languages research
Launch Event: Media Histories: From Manuscript to Digital | University of Liverpool | 4 May 2018
Paul Spence | Seven digital challenges for Modern (Foreign) Languages
Conference: Languages Memory | King’s College London | 13 June 2018
Paul Spence & Renata Brandão | Topographies of interaction between Modern Languages research and digital culture
Congress: Digital Humanities Congress | University of Sheffield | 7 September 2018
Paul Spence & Renata Brandão | Challenging interactions: on what Digital Humanities and Modern Languages can learn from each other
Conference: Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies Annual | Universitat de Barcelona | 5-7 September 2018
Renata Brandão | A walk-through: digital literacies in Modern Language in Portugal and Spain
Conference: AULC 2019 - Linguistic transitions: towards languages for life | King’s College London | 10 January 2019
Renata Brandão & Paul Spence | Digital transitions in learning and teaching modern languages and cultures
Conference: AIUCD 2019 - Pedagogy, teaching, and research in the age of Digital Humanities | University of Udine, Italy | 24 January 2019
Paul Spence | Keynote: Are the Digital Humanities “language insensitive”? Connecting debates about Modern Languages, global cultural representation in DH and the international classroom.
Symposium: Digital Culture/Digital Creativity | Royal Holloway, University of London | 15 February 2019
Paul Spence | Key elements of a critical Digital Humanities-Modern Languages (DHML) research agenda
Conference: Association of Hispanists of Great Britain & Ireland | University of Durham | 9 April 2019
Renata Brandão & Paul Spence | Data, digital literacies and Modern Languages
Symposium: Transmedia Theory and Practice in Language Learning and Teaching | Manchester Metropolitan University | 26 April 2019
Paul Spence | Bridges and chasms: on the relationship between (modern foreign) languages and the digital humanities
Conference: Transmedia and Language Pedagogy | Manchester Metropolitan University | 27-28 June 2019
Renata Brandão and Paul Spence | Visualising Data: Digital literacies in Language Education
‘ADHO’ Digital Humanities 2019 conference, University of Utrecht - 11 July 2019
Paul Spence & Renata Brandao | Topographies of Digital Modern (Foreign) Languages research
2020 MLA Annual Convention | Seattle, 2020
Paul Spence | Digital Modern Languages As A Research Agenda