our words make worlds

A05. Digital Mediations at the Language Memories Conference

This session explored how worldmaking is mediated by digital culture and technology. In the first part of the session, we presented the work of one of the research strands on that project (Digital Mediations) and asked how this process of worldmaking is mediated by new ecologies of memory and knowledge production. 

In the second part, a panel of experts explored what role critical digital literacies have to play as new topographies of digitally mediated Modern Languages research emerge.

Participants: Paul Spence, King’s College London; Renata Brandao, King's College London; Erika Fulop, Lancaster University; Heather Inwood, Cambridge University; Yousef Omar, Sharek/London Centre for Arabic Training; Juan-Luis Suarez, CulturePlex/University of Western Ontario; Elina Vilar, Queen Mary University of London