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Art and Activism in the Digital Age

We would like to invite you to participate in the inaugural event to develop the new interdisciplinary module, Art and Activism in the Digital Age.

A new final year module, Art and Activism in the Digital Age has been developed based on our current research as part of the Language Acts and Worldmaking project. This module received a King’s Interdisciplinary Curriculum Innovation Award and we hope that it will be open to students across the Faculty. We are working with King’s Academy to develop the module and their team will be implementing the administrative processes to enable this to happen.

Morning 11.00-13.00 - Research Showcase drop-in session

From 11.00-13.00 we will be holding a research showcase to share aspects of the work that has informed this new module. This will be an interactive exhibition and an open session. Colleagues are welcome to drop in during the morning to engage with our research on women’s art and activism in Latin America. We will also be inviting some external collaborators who will contribute guest workshops and sessions to the module.

Afternoon 13.00-16.00 - Staff Workshop

We will start the session with lunch, which will be provided.

Our aims for the workshop are:

  • To meet with colleagues from across the Faculty to explore how we can maximise the interdisciplinary potential of this module by making connections with teaching and research already happening in relation to art and activism. 
  • To explore ways in which a range of case studies could be taught in this module to allow for contributions from colleagues across the Faculty to create an interdisciplinary and multilingual classroom.
  • To showcase the critical digital literacies and competencies which students will develop in this module and discuss how these relate to and could be implemented in other disciplines.
  • To find out how this module could be enhanced so that it is attractive to students from across the Faculty and is in dialogue with other modules.
Colleagues external to King's who wish to come to the morning Research Showcase drop-in, please register your interest by emailing languageacts@kcl.ac.uk. The afternoon workshop is invitation only. 

Part of the Language Acts and Worldmaking Worldmaking Fair.