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Al-Andalus in Motion: Travelling Concepts and Cross-Cultural Contexts - Call for papers

Scientific Studies Association (ILEM), as a partner of the Language Acts and Worldmaking project, calls for papers for the international conference Al-Andalus in Motion: Travelling Concepts and Cross-Cultural Contexts to be held on November 15-16, 2018, hosted by Istanbul Medeniyet University.

Submissions are welcome on any topic related to Al-Andalus and its afterlives including, but not limited to:
• The Languages, cultures, literatures and musics of al-Andalus and its diasporas
• Memory and Identity in the Andalusi and Sephardic diasporas and its diverse contexts of settlement;
• The trajectory of an ideological fascination with Muslim Spain/Al Andalus as a hybrid space, a porous frontier between East and West, Islam and Christendom
• Sephardic and Andalusi heritage industry and cultural tourism;
• Alhambrismo & the Moorish style in Architecture and the decorative arts; material culture, Orientalism and Neo-Orientalism;
• Language encounters between Al-Andalus, Iberia and Sefarad: oralities, scripts, texts, translations;
• The circulation of ideas and representations of Al Andalus from early modern days to the present, in Europe, Latin America, Turkey, and the broader Islamicate world, and their cultural, ideological and political uses;
• Al-Andalus in fantasy and worldbuilding games and virtual reality;
• The cultural and political traction of the chronotopes of al-Andalus in the Christian, Muslim and Sephardic worlds;
• Travel and travellers in al-Andalus/Sefarad/Iberia across time and space;
• Moros y Cristianos festivals, al-Andalus fairs, public history and historical re-enactment;
• Al-Andalus as a combat concept in War on Terror times.

More information on the conference can be found here and the call for papers can be downloaded here

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