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Information for Speakers

Languages Future has now switched to being fully online, and is happening via Zoom, 15-16 and 21-23 April 2021.

Your contribution

As the conference is now online we are asking you to submit your contributions as pre-recorded powerpoint/video presentations. We will send out guidance on how to make your recording. Presentations will need to be no more than 15 minutes in length. At the conference, we will play these presentations, followed by a live contributor q&a. To fully prepare for the conference, we’ll need your final title and abstract by 11 March, and your recorded contributions by Monday 5 April. As keeping to time is essential, we will ask for any contributions that are longer than 15 minutes to be trimmed down, with many thanks for your cooperation.

Off-schedule contributions

We are hoping it will be possible for several contributions which were originally scheduled to be an installation/display, to be offered digitally outside or alongside the main conference schedule, and will be in touch with relevant contributors to discuss this.


Registration for the conference will open on 16 March and we will write to you beforehand with information on how to register via Eventbrite. By registering, you agree to abide by the conference's Code of Conduct.

Permissions forms

All speakers will be asked to sign a permission form to allow the Language Acts conference organising team to use the pre-recorded presentations at the conference, as well as (optional) to record the conference panels and archive them for a limited length of time on the Language Acts website.


For further queries, please email languageacts@kcl.ac.uk.