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Video and Audio

Video and audio from the Languages Memory conference can be found below.

Languages Inheritance: Roundtable

This roundtable brought together international authors Mireille Gansel and Faïza Guène with literary translators Ros Schwartz and Sarah Ardizzone to discuss languages inheritance and languages memory, across the writing and translation process.

Languages Memory: Policy Discussion

In this session, Terry Lamb and Lid King presented their memories of and reflections on Modern Languages policy in the UK. Wendy Ayres-Bennett then extended the discussion with an in-depth interview with the presenters, before the debate was opened up to the audience for a wider discussion on the history (and future) of languages policy in the UK.

Multiliteracies, Transformative Pedagogies and Teacher Professional Development 

In this panel we brought together researchers and teachers to discuss the dialogic process through which transformative, student-centred pedagogy was developed and refined over the course of the project. The panel was made up of three teachers from different schools involved in the project (Mirela Dumić, Luma Hameed, Shabita Shamsad) and three researchers (Jim Anderson, Vicky Macleroy and Yu-Chiao Chung)

Explorations in the Stories of Words

This panel session looked at the history of the Spanish language, patterns of learned borrowings, and the challenges of using linguistic corpora for research.

From Pupil to Teacher

In this panel we heard from four beginning teachers as they reflect on their own experience of learning and teaching languages.

Digital Mediations

This session explored how this worldmaking is mediated by digital culture and technology.


This panel session brought together a range of participants all exploring embodied experiences of languages, and how they impact on individual identity, subjectivity and self-expression.

The Languages Classroom

This panel session looked at the modern languages classroom as a space for both challenge and consolidation.