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History of Language Learning and Teaching

Title: History of Language Learning and Teaching (10:00–12:00, 13 June 2018)
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Richard Smith, University of Warwick
Participants: Norma Romanelli, Université de Paris-Diderot; Matilde Gallardo, King's College London; Simon Coffey, King's College London; Richard Smith, University of Warwick

Supported by HoLLTnet (AILA Research Network on History of Language Learning and Teaching).


This panel session brings together a range of participants to discuss the history of language learning and teaching, both in the UK and elsewhere. Details of each presentation can be found by clicking on the titles below:

'For the attainment of the Italian tongue, in its greatest purity and perfection': Pedagogical methods and literary tradition in the Italian grammar books of Angelo Vergani (1791-1806)
Norma Romanelli, Université de Paris-Diderot

Dissenters, exiles, migrants and transcultural citizens; An insight into the history of Spanish teaching in England and the identity of the profession
Matilde Gallardo, King's College London

Teaching French in England: A history of differentiation
Simon Coffey, King's College London

Languages Britain – The Leathes Report (1918) in its time, and ours
Richard Smith, University of Warwick