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Languages Integration

Title: Languages Integration 
Session type: Workshop
Convenor: Sophie Besse, PSYCHEdelight


Languages Integration is a 2-hour workshop which draws on the expertise and experience of Sophie Besse, a theatre director specialising in applied theatre. Sophie is Artistic Director of PSYCHEdelight and has created Borderline, a satire about the Calais Jungle, with a group of refugee and European performers. The workshop uses a range of drama techniques and practices in order to explore aspects of the experience of refugees, the power of language to include and exclude and how language evolves as a result of migration. The workshop is open to everyone at the conference and participants use different languages to explore the types of connections and disconnections that happen when we encounter an unknown language. This helps us to question how we deal with the unfamiliar and how our responses could change in the future. Throughout the workshop participants are involved in a range of activities drawing on key ideas of memory, integration and communication and explore the links between language and movement.