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Tensions of “Correct” Language use

Title: Tensions of “Correct” Language use 
Session type: Panel
Chair: Petros Karatsareas, University of Westminster
 Petros Karatsareas, University of Westminster; Alexandra Georgiou, University of Westminster; Helen Davies, University of South Wales; Kaoutar Ghilani, University of Oxford; Aldino Maria Andre, Universidade Lurio, Mozambique.


This panel session brings together a range of participants all exploring different aspects of "correct" language use and how this can be negotiated in both diasporic and globalised environments. Details of each presentation can be found by clicking on the titles below:

Language ideologies and diaspora pedagogies: teaching and learning practices in London’s Greek Cypriot community education
Petros Karatsareas, University of Westminster; Alexandra Georgiou, University of Westminster

Welsh and Khasi: contemporary experiences of lesser spoken languages in Britain and Northeast India
Helen Davies, University of South Wales

Questioning the Coloniality of a Language: The Case of French in Contemporary Morocco
Kaoutar Ghilani, University of Oxford

The “deformation” of Emakhua Language due to the Influence of Colonial Factors and the Globalization of Television
Aldino Maria Andre, Universidade Lurio, Mozambique