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Introduction Programme Speakers Presentations

Coffee from 10.30

11           Introduction (Janice Carruthers, AHRC Leadership Fellow, Modern Languages)

11.10      Panel discussion on ‘collaboration with non-HEIs’

5-7 minute informal presentations from panellists on their experience of partnership between research projects and non-HEIs. Panellists are based in non-HEI sectors or are academics (on Translating Cultures or OWRI projects) with experience of working with non-HEIs. They each have experience in different sectors.

Sectors                                                                                           Panel members

Creative industries:                                                                        Yahya Zaloom

Libraries and museums:                                                                Janet Zmroczek

Grassroots and community groups:                                              Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh

Post-primary schools:                                                                     Linda Fisher

NGOs:                                                                                              Hilary Footitt


12.30       Lunch


1.30         Introduction: Digital Methods and Tools for Modern Languages Researchers (Paul Spence, King’s College London)

1.40 – 3.20                             Data Processing and Data Visualization

                                                 Jane Winters (School of Advanced Studies) and Renata Brandao (King’s

                                                      College, London)  

10 mins                                    Tea break              

3.30 – 4.30                             Two parallel sessions as alternatives…

Modern Languages Approaches to Digital Culture:                               Claire Taylor (Liverpool)

Digital Tools for creating and analysing Corpora:                                   Adam Mearns (Newcastle)