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2018/19 Debate 3: Collaboration in Languages in HE - Towards New Models?

15 May 2019, 6-7.15pm, King's College London, Language Resources Centre, Room K-1.07.2, Level -1 (i.e. BASEMENT Level), King’s Building, Strand, London WC2R 2LS

Chair: Mara Fuertes Gutiérrez

Our third Debate in this year's Series focuses on the results of the recently published survey report on Language Provision in Modern Foreign Languages Departments 2018, compiled by the Language Acts and Worldmaking project’s Diasporic Identities and the Politics of Language Teaching research strand, in collaboration with UCML and AULC (published in October 2018).

The focus of the survey is the provision of language models in Modern Languages departments and the various models of collaboration between Modern Language departments and Institution-Wide Language Provision (IWLP) in UK Universities. It aims to fill a space that is under-researched and to complement the annual AULC-UCML national IWLP survey.

Despite often growing, wider-ranging and deeper collaboration between Modern Languages departments and IWLP, several issues remain. On one level, for example, there is the need for better understanding between programmes; on another it is clear that better working conditions for IWLP staff still need to be addressed.

Our panel and participants will have the chance to discuss the recommendations of the report, to explore ways to strengthen inclusion and diversity, to consider better integration of all languages, and to debate the possibility of a 'single voice' for MFL and IWLP. This Debate is an invitation to reflect further on how our discipline is conceptualised and what sorts of measure could be implemented to overcome the challenges it currently faces.

This event is jointly organised by the Language Transitions and the Diasporic Identities and the Politics of Language Teaching research strands.

Guest speakers:

Chiara Cirillo, University of Reading

Mark Critchley, Durham University

Benedict Schofield, King's College London

Riitta-Liisa Valijärvi, University College London

A drinks reception will take place following the Debate from 7.15-7.45pm.

Download the poster for this debate here