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Easter and Summer Schools

London Centre for Languages and Cultures Easter School: 6th April 2018

About the Easter School

The London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC) Easter school aims to give students an insight into university-style language study. This includes a language skills session in the language the students are currently studying in. The main objective of the Easter school is to push students' knowledge of their curricular languages beyond what they are taught in the classroom, This year's theme will be translation and the languages offered will be French, Spanish, German and Arabic. 

There will be two main academic sessions that will make up the bulk of the 2018 Easter School programme: the Language Skills Session and the Language Research Seminar. Both the Language Skills Session and the Language Research Seminar will last an hour each. 

About the LCLC

The LCLC works with schools to promote the study of languages at all levels from primary school to higher education. The LCLC recognises that state school pupils are significantly under-represented in university languages departments and aims to make academic language study more accessible via a range of events, including Easter Schools.