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General frequent use of words or phrases

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  • January

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  • February

Because of Corona19 spreading (코로나 19 확산으로), Because of Corona19 situation (코로나 19 사태로), Because of Corona19 expansion (코로나 19 확대로), Because of Corona 19 impact (코로나 19 충격으로), Aftermath of Corona19 (코로나 19 여파), Spread rapidly (급격히 확산), Corona political situation (코로나 정국), Cluster of infection (collective social infection, community infection) (지역 사회 감염), Corona “Direct hit” (코로나 직격탄), “Koreaphobia” (other counties avoid people from Korea or avoid to visit Korea) (코리아 패닉), “Mask crisis” (마스크 대란), Iran is “Wuhan of Europe” (virus spread like in Wuhan) (이란 “유럽의 우한”), Israel “clean country” (free from coronavirus) (이스라엘 (코로나) “청정 국가”), Asymptomatic infections (무증상 감염)

  • March

New corona infectious disease (신종 코로나바이러스 감염증 (코로나 19)), Aftermath of Corona 19 (코로나 19 여파로), Because of corona 19 situation / outbreak (코로나 19 사태로), Because of spread of corona 19 (코로나 19 확산으로 / 확산에 따른), To prevent corona 19 spread (코로나 19 확산 방지를 위해), Corona 19 spreading fear (코로나 19 확산 공포), Increase concerns about spreading corona 19 (코로나 19 확산 우려가 커져), After corona 19 spreading (코로나 19 확산 이후), Response to / cope with corona 19 (코로나 19 대응), Countermeasures (대응책), To overcome corona 19 crises (코로나 19 위기를 극복하기 위해), Corona 19 spreading trend (코로나 19 확산세), Corona 19 direct hit (코로나 19 직격탄), Pandemic (팬더믹), Rapid increase of confirmed cases (확진자 급증), Mass infection (집단감염), Countermeasures to prevent the spread of community infections (지역사회 감염 확산 방지를 위한 대응 조처), Donation / support (성금 / 지원), Mask crisis (마스크 대란), Epidemiologic investigation (역학 조사), Social distancing (사회적 거리 두기), Prohibition of movement (이동금지), Cohort isolation (코호트 격리), Self-isolation (자가격리), Restrictions on entry into the country (입국 제한 조치), Fear (공포) anxiety (불안) uncertainty (불확실성), Public sentiment (민심), Crisis situation (위기 상황), Chaos (혼란), Closing (폐쇄), Tokyo Olympic (도쿄 올림픽), Postponed (연기), Suspend (중단), Whether to resume (재개 여부), Telecommuting (재택근무), Untack (비대면), Online remote education (온라인 원격교육), (Global) financial crisis ((글로벌)금융 위기), (Global) supply network ((글로벌) 공급망), Economy blow (경제적 타격), Economy crisis (경제 위기), Global economy slow down (세계 경기 둔화), Economy recession (경기 침체 / 불황), Economy shrinking (경기 위축), Demand plunges (수요 급감), Drop in oil prices (유가 하락), Cut in interest rate (금리 인하), Funding crunch crisis (자금경색 위기), Impact (충격), Damage (피해), Plunge (급락/폭락), Seriousness (심각), Worsen (악화), Adverse effect (악영향), Disaster (재앙), China-‘Axis of evil’ (악의 축), Difficulties (어려움), It is plan (계획이다), It is expected (예상이다 / 전망이다),

Analysed (분석했다), Forecasted (내다봤다), Under review (검토 중이다), It is required (요구된다), Most likely (가능성이 높다), General election (총선)

  • April

Stability (안정세), Corona 19 pandemic (코로나 19 팬데믹), Post corona era (포스트 코로나 시대),

Overcoming corona (코로나 극복), As a corona 19 countermeasure (코로나 19 대책으로), Even corona 19 shock (코로나 19 충격에도), Because corona 19 prolonged (코로나 19 장기화로),

The aftermath of the economy because of corona 19 (코로나 19에 따른 경제 여파), Revitalizing the local economy (지역 경제 살리기), The government (정부), Local government (지자제), Supports (지원),

Spending (지출), Disaster support fund (재난 지원금), Ease (완화), reduction (감면), extension (연장), funding (자금 지원), Resume (재개), Donations (성금), Decrease (감소), Slump (부진), Unemployment (실직), International oil prices (국제 유가)

Interesting new words that appeared relating to social distancing

  • Jip-kok-jok: people who want to avoid contact with others and stay in the house to avoid infectious diseases. 집콕족
  • Whack-jin-ja: person who decreased activity and stayed in the house due to the fear of corona 19 infection, and consequently put on a lot of weight. 확찐자
  • Bang-ku-suck il-yeul gong-yeon: [“Room corner 1-low singing live performances”] a person who does not go to see a live stage performance directly, but who is exposed through media such as TV, internet, or smartphone, and who responds to the performance. 방구석 1열 공연
  • Hon-san-jok, or Dul-san-jok: Person(s) going out hiking ‘alone’ or as a group of two respectively. 혼산족과, 둘산족
  • Corona Blue: The Corona Blues. 코로나 블루
  • Hometainment: Home entertainment. [Phonetic transcription and hybridization of English word] 홈테인먼트
  • New Normal: The new normal social situation. [Phonetic transcription of English term]. 뉴 노멀

General discussion:

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  • The term “Corona 19” appears in news from 14th February; before that date the virus was referred to as just “Corona”, “New coronavirus” or “Wuhan pneumonia”.
  • There was no news about North Korea in January, February or March, but 10 articles about it appeared in April.
  • February: Text reflected the start of panic about the rapid spread of coronavirus.
  • March: Trying to control mass infection by the virus, especially in Daegu and Gyeongbuk provinces. Criticism of the government’s slow response to the situation, especially the fact that the government didn’t restrict entry from China. Nearly all industries suffered a negative impact. All sports were cancelled or suspended. Schools postponed the opening of the new school year (school year starts in March in Korea).
  • April: Stabilising of the virus spread, and concentration on the recovery of the economy. President Moon’s popularity and level of support in polls increased after success in the control of the “Corona 19” crisis. News about the progress of sports players practising, as there are no live sports games. Discussion of the situation in other countries such as the US and Italy as a result of the coronavirus. Because they are staying at home, people are buying nutritious food online and there is increased interest in health foods and supplements too.

Close reading analysis – detailed observations on selected dates

► 03/01/2020: None available, 08/02/2020: No articles on Saturdays, 26/04/2020 No articles on Sundays.

► 06/03/2020:

Keyword: “covid 19” - 1 article

  • Implement Incheon Airport as 'COVID-19 Free Airport' by establishing a disaster prevention system.

Keyword: “corona” - 3 articles

  • Re-release of popular movies in cinemas
  • Tour concerts across the country are disrupted.
  • Flight operations reduced or suspended

Keyword: coronavirus - 6 articles

  • James Bond premiere postponed to November
  • Flight operations reduced or suspended
  • Exhibitions and fairs are cancelled.
  • Men's professional golf (KLPGA and KPGA) continues
  • Companies give rental deferral support, monetary donations and donate masks
  • After the surge in confirmed cases, the government announced that doctors will conduct telephone consultations.

Keyword: “corona 19” - 32 articles

  • Re-release of popular movies in cinemas
  • James Bond premiere postponed to November
  • Men's professional golf (KLPGA and KPGA) continues
  • A press conference was held by Lee Cheong-yong, who returned to Professional Football. The reporter wore a mask and checked his temperature before entering.
  • Baseball player, Oh Seung-hwan returns to Samsung
  • Foreign professional players leave the team.
  • Raising barriers at borders - cancellation or postponement of national and international sporting events
  • Judo: Koreans cannot compete due to entry ban, or competitions are cancelled altogether
  • Exhibitions and fairs are cancelled.
  • LG supports corona protection products, household appliances, communication costs
  • Aid is given to Daegu and Gyeongbuk Province
  • Companies give rental deferral support, monetary donations, and donate masks
  • 12 billion won donations from Shincheonji, but Social Welfare Joint Fundraisers decided to return
  • Medical waste is cleared by workers in protective clothing
  • Different lifestyle - ‘homeconomy’ (home economy), online shopping
  • Delivered as soon as you order
  • Drive-through screening clinics
  • After the surge in confirmed cases, the government announced that doctors will conduct telephone consultations.
  • Social welfare facilities, children's home closure period extended, buildings closed for disinfection
  • Mask manufacturers discontinue production as the government only accepts 50% of the cost
  • Lack of masks
  • Red ginseng is taken for immune enhancement
  • Diagnostic kits on 'urgent order' from major countries in the world
  • “Lower your goals and reduce losses": emergency mode for large companies
  • S&P reduces Korean growth rate again by 0.5%P in 15 days
  • Lotte Group Chairman focuses on developing markets in developed countries, focusing on chemical, hotel, and online businesses
  • HDC take over Asiana Airlines
  • President Moon apologises and takes responsibility for the disaster
  • General election, postponed?
  • Administrative investigation to ensure an accurate list of Shincheonji members
  • Japan restricts entry from Korea and China
  • 99 countries prohibit or restrict entry from Korea