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The following tutorial proposals were approved for the event (not all were submitted for publication):

  • Creating grammar exercise generators using HTML and JavaScript (applicable to any language)
  • Recogito in-a-box: From semantic annotation to digital edition (Spanish)
  • Voices of the Parliament – hidden potential of parliamentary corpora (English, Slovene) 
  • Using word vectors for computational literary study (Russian)
  • Teaching Bilingual Literature and the Semantic Classroom: Using Scalar to Create Bilingual Collaborative Editions (English, Spanish -this tutorial will also touch on Nahuatl, Chicano Spanish, Spanglish, and Tex Mex)
  • The Story of Our Queens: Gender, Scalar, and Drag Culture in Contemporary South Korea (English, Korean)
  • Using LRC Generator and Splice for Non-Beginner Chinese Learners (Chinese)
  • The online presence of antimafia associations in the Italian language classroom (Italian)
  • Using WeChat in Business Chinese Classes (Chinese)
  • Interart/intermedia critical vlogging (applicable to any language)